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Our website is compliant with the international standards and guidelines published by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). W3C is the main international and worldwide standards organization for the Internet.

Within the guidelines set forth by the above organization, are a set of recommendations the we closely follow, in order to make Web content more accessible, primarily for people with disabilities-but also for all user agents, including highly limited devices, such as mobile phones.

The current guidelines which we follow, are under what are called the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level A + AA.

Public Space Accessibility

All our Hotel public space or amenity are ADA accessible

Accessible public entrance

Accessible spaces for cars in self-parking facility

Accessible spaces for vans in self-parking facility

Accessible routes from the accessible public entrance to the registration area

Accessible routes from the accessible public entrance to the accessible guestrooms

Accessible routes to fire exits

Accessible guest rooms with mobility features have doorways that provide 32 inches of clear width

Accessible registration desk

Hotel corridors a minimum of 36 inches wide

All directional and guest room signs are Braille

Well-lit path/walkway

Visual alarms in hallways

Service animals are allowed at no additional cost

Accessibility Guest Rooms

All our accessibile guest rooms or amenity are ADA accessible

Accessible route from the accessible public entrance to the accessible guestrooms

Accessible route from the hotel's accessible public entrance to the public ammenities

Wheelchair-width doorways

36 inches or more clearance around and between beds

The hotel has a TTY kit for guest use. The kit will include alarm clock with bed shaker, a doorbell transmitter and a visual telephone signaler. Avaliable upon request

All our accessible bathrooms are equipped with standard roll in showers

All our accessible showers are equipped with an in-shower seat

Grab bars mounted on the walls and hand rails in the accessible bathroom

The hotel's guest room televisions have closed captioning or closed captioning decoders are provided

Mobility and hearing accessible

Lowered wall and door features

36 inches clear path within reach drapes with lowered wand

Lowered locks and peephole

Low-height counters/sink

Low-height desk with knee and toe clearance that is at least 27 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 17 inches deep

Low electrical outlets

Lowered closet rod within 54 inches Of the floor for side approach Or 48 inches Of the floor approach

All Doors have 32 inches clear width

Visual alarm Alert

Visual telephone alert

Wheelchair accessible

All our accessible showers are equipped with a detachable hand-held shower wand

All wall mounted accessories and equipment are all within 48 inches height

Two Grab bars and hand rails-bathroom to facilitate transfer

Toilet with grab bars and a toilet seat height is between 17-19 inches

Accessible sink hight is 34 inches High with min 29 inches high tall and 17 inches deep clearance for wheelchair access

The lowest reflective edge of the lavatory mirror is no more than 40 inches high

Drain and water pipes under vanity / sink are insulated

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Website Accessibility Features

This website is designed to be fully accessible to all and is designed according to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and conforms to most priority checkpoints which entail some of the following elements:

Navigation Shortcuts

Our website can be navigated by using the tab key to traverse the elements of each page and by using the enter key to activate a highlighted link.

Structured, Semantic Markup

HTML heading tags are used to convey the document structure. Navigation menus are tagged as HTML maps so that the menu title can be read out, and the menu items are presented as a group. Please see our Site Map for easy navigation at: http://www.americaninndowney.com/sitemap.xml

Images Visibility

All content images include descriptive ALT attributes and all purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.

Standards Compliance

The site is designed to conform to Level AA compliance as specified by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. All pages validate as XHTML 1.0 and use structured semantic markup.

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Accessibility Software and Services

The following tools and services are available for free to assist you with viewing and interacting with our website:

  • Click Here for HTML Validator, a free service for checking that web pages conform to published HTML standards.

  • Click here for Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer, a tool for viewing web pages without a variety of modern browser features.

  • Click here for Lynx, a free text-only web browser.